303-style slides on Yarns?

Hi. I just received my Yarns and I am loving it. It makes my modular as playable and expressive as my Virus! I have a question though. According to the manual, when recording a sequence, “303-style slides can be recorded by wiggling the pitch-bend lever before playing a note.” This doesn’t seem to have any effect for me. Firmware is v1.02. Do I need to do something else to enable this feature?

Yes, there is something else to do! This setting will simply cause the slid notes to overlap when they are played. To actually hear the slide, you need to set the legato (LG) setting to “on” (which will cause the portamento to be used on overlapping notes) ; and the portamento (PO) setting to the value corresponding to the slide speed.

Ah, got it. I thought I had tried that, but apparently not the right combination of settings. Thanks!

Kudos on another excellent module. I traded my Anushri for Ripples and another module a while back, because I wanted to focus on modular, and then I found that my midi module was really lacking compared to Anushri’s. Yarns completed my 6U and really brought my system to a new level!