3 x 2 filters and polyphony

Hey guys,

Just ordered a second hand Ambika with 2 x Ladder, 2 x SVF, 2 x SMR4Plus cards, and can’t wait to put my hands on it!

I will use it also for pads/chords of course, and I am aware that playing different filters polyphonically will be a bit tricky. I actually like the idea having each voice slightly (or extremely) different, I used to have a Perfourmer and the best thing about it was that you can set the parameters of each voice differently. I understand that different filters can be adjusted to sound “similarly” in this case, but I also heard that volume differences is one of the possible problems etc. Anyway, my ideal would be having 4 voices dedicated for pads, 1 for bass 1 for leads.

So, what’s your experience with this situation?
And suggestions how to deal with my 3 x 2 setup?
To achieve (almost) “identical” voices, how would you setup the filters?
Which filters would work better together in this case?

Would appreciate your ideas and experiences.



I was advised against this setup due to volume-matching and related issues you are describing. The solution proposed then was to have individual Ambikas for each filter type if a multi-filter setup was the goal. There are users on the board with multi-Shruthi setups mixing filters and tweaking parameters to get a relative match. My multi-filter Shruthis seem to match best when the filters are wide open (PPG Wavecomputer 360 style). Maybe the others will chime in :slight_smile:

I’ve got 5xSMR for pads and shimmering poly sounds, and 1xLADDER for bass and leads in my Ambika. I think I t’s a great setup since the filters complements each other. The filters are far to different to try to join forces in the same polyphonic patch. Maybe it is possible with SVF and 4P with no resonance and moderate filtering.

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