3 Shruthi Polifonia and chords

Hi I have a question, I have connected 3 shruthi for polyphony, but with some preset, I have problems with chords because some notes not played?
I have it connected in this way,
1 shruthi-1. Main output. Audio Input number 2. Computer Midi input. Midi output to the two.
2 shruthi 4 poles. Departure to the number 1. Audio Input number 3. Midi Input 1. Midi output to the 3.
3 shruthi-1. audio output to the number 2.

try running them through a mixer instead of in series?

you used to that way through a mixer, but this way the sound is much richer and yet has more strength.
I thought putting on gain potentiometers each to control the volume, but still I have problems porq make chords, for example pulse 4 or 5 notes on the keyboard and all sound the same.

Don’t chain the audio outputs. Remember that the audio input of the Shruthi is routed through its VCA, so with your setup unit 3 will be heard only if unit 2 and unit 1 are playing (have their VCA opened).

And obviously it’ll cause problem with sound level. A filter removes something from the sound… So unit 3 in your example will go through 2 more filters before reaching your mixer, so it’ll have 3x more attenuation as unit 1 and 2x more attenuation as unit 2.

Do you have the chaining set up correctly? The midi out modes need to be: 3>2, 2>1, 1>| respectively

I thought installing q gain potentiometers each shruthi could make a mix with the gain of each.
Opening the vca in my shruthi one everyone else respond to this function, and q are chained for polyphonic and one teacher, and the other two make exclavos.

The Audio in is not meant for chaining several unit, there is also no Master/Slave thing. The operation of the VCA is crucial to your sound so opening the VCAs of Chained Units downstream is quite useless as it spoils the concept of Synthesis. Get a small mixer instead and everything will work fine.

okey very thank for your information

Altitude’s answer is a great hint to how polychaining works. It’s really a way to forward MIDI voice messages, so mulitple Shruthis act as one instrument, from a MIDI standpoint. If you hook it up like this: MIDI Controller > Shruthi #1 MIDI in, Shruthi #1 MIDI out> Shruthi #2 MIDI in, Shruthi #2 MIDI out -> Shruthi #3 MIDI in, and play three notes on the controller, the polychaining code should play one note on Shruthi #1, send the next two notes to Shruthi #2, which will play one note and send the last note to Shruthi #3. At least, I think that’s how it works. This has nothing to do with audio. You need to run your three audio outs to three channels on a mixer or three amps or something like that.

Look at the MIDI section of the reference manual again, the IN and OUT pictured are MIDI IN and OUT, not audio IN and OUT.