3.5mm mini jack plug

Would using a 3.5mm stereo plug for use as a patch cable for eurorack gear effect, damage, or impede, the modules?

Just wondering as stereo cables seem cheaper than mono cables! :slight_smile:


Thank you.

Those actually seem pretty expensive for what they are. Not to mention that have that wide plastic mold around the plug, so that may cause issues with tight jacks.

If you can wait a bit, you may want to get the nice MI patch leads as they are much higher quality and cost about the same per cable. 2 GBP is a lot for something you can find at a dollar store.

I saw those MI cables and thought they looked very nice…I will wait until they come out and get them instead :slight_smile:

Colour coding is very useful. I bought black cables and I’m always struggling to work out what’s connected to what.

I use cables from Erthenvar, just bought another batch of them. If you’re in North America, the price is okay and the cables have mostly been quite good. After factoring in the exchange, the price of the Mutable cables actually seemed a bit high to me. Hopefully my local shop (Moog Audio in Toronto) will carry them and I can make an apples to apples comparison.

I can recommend the Korg MS-20 Mini patch lead sets. You get 18, in two different lengths, and in several nice bright colours.

They don’t cover all the bases (I’ll probably get the MI ones, too), but for about 25GBP, they’re quite good value.

I have two sets.


@toneburst: Where can they actually be bought? I have never seen them in stock anywhere.


Korg Online Store