3.5mm Knurled Nut Driver

Anyone know of a UK/Europe supplier for one of these


not eu but Mouser has them

Doh, 0 available. That’s where I got mine from.

I bought one there too, and while it is a great quality tool, it doesn’t fir the WQP nuts used for my modules as well as the erthenvar tool.

I bought mine from erthenvar and had ti file it a bit to fit.

Thanks guys. I’ve emailed the eBay seller to ask if he’s likely to get any more in. He was making a big deal of their rarity in the description though, so my guess is he won’t.

It’s weird they’re so hard to get hold of, given those kind of knurled nuts are so popular in Euro-land.

Is there some other way of tightening them up without damaging them, I wonder?


I think I got one from Mouser on one of those rare occasions I order from there.

Very very handy to have if you’d rather not wear your fingernails down to the bone.

Do you have the reference ?

here’s the mouser one. It’s not that good though. I had a hard time getting the slots to marry. After about 15 nuts the driver broke loose from the shift. I’m going to try another. Mine might have just been a dud.

Alternately I just use a flat bladed screwdriver on one side of the slots and turn.

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Make your own with an old screwdriver and a Dremel:



It can still slip off 'though. If I do another one, I’m going to leave a small shaft in the middle as well.

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That’s a good idea piscione. Gonna have to try that this weekend. The center shaft on the mouser one is too small. It would still slip off.

Who can live without a dremel ? :smiley:

its not the quality, its the fact that its made for a different nut than everyone uses that has wider slots. I just file the pins down so it fits the standard Qingpu parts.

i use the ones from exploding shed and they work perfectly !

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