3.5mm jack connectors for “Breadboard friends”

I’m looking for a right 3.5mm jacks for “Breadboard friends”.

I was looking through BOM for “Breadboard friends” and found that four indicated 3.5mm jacks from Farnell (part no. 1270966) do not correspond with tracing of the presented PCB. There are a fragment of this jack data sheet and a fragment of “Breadboard friends” PCB on the attached picture. Seems like tip and switch terminals are traced on PCB (instead of tip and ring terminals). Perhaps, there is a wrong part number in BOM?

Maybe I don’t understand something, but what is wrong with this jacks?

“Breadboard friends” page:
Farnell’s page of suggested jacks (with data sheet):

By the way, there is a jack on Mouser, the data sheet says that jack will fit, it has part number 16PJ137.

What you’re missing is that I asked the PCB house to stretch the holes with a CNC mill to make 2mm wide slots. The part from Farnell will fit, that’s the one I ship with the boards.