I have no idea what the special characters could indicate… someone help me!


Did you not see the end of Predator where the alien presses the buttons on his wrist display and initiates a countdown? :slight_smile:

It’s the Final Countdown! (imagine hyperlink to cheezy youtube video that I can’t post from work)

some of the characters look like some clock, something cycling… I’ve already posted my guess at facebook :slight_smile:
By the way, the sound is from puredata, so the new thing totally looks like a UI / midi tool. I don’t think it’s likely to embed a sound engine. Or at least, it doesn’t yet.

about the predator thing : you’re speaking about this ?

Those starburst LED displays are lovely. It’s retro cool :slight_smile: If you get them in a VFD you’ll end up with an old-school Ensoniq… Just add nasty membrane switches and a JX-3P inspired logo for that total 80’s trip.

Hmm, reminds me of my book

I dont care what the product is, Im gettting one :slight_smile:

Of course: Mutable is beginning to have that Apple factor - as long as it’s MI, Olivier could sell a spray-painted cardboard box :slight_smile: Must get it! Ooh, shiny!


I know, it’s a … teaser !

I don’t think it is fanboyism, more that we know that they tend to be interesting things, different and with some options for modifications.

Can’t wait to see what the wider masses will think of Ambika.

I didn’t imply fanboyism, more that you implicitly know that anything new will rock your socks off :smiley:

what is the answer to the ultimate question of life the universe and everything… ehm, no wait that was 42

“So long and thanks for the synths?”

this looks mostly harmless, so be prepared, it might be a wolf in sheep’s clothing!

I think Olivier is doing a batch of Shruties for an other galaxy after even them showed interest
in such a great device?!

Truly unfair, I just broke the bank to pioneer something and here is Olivier again. Will be so cool to tell our great grandchildren that we were there in the early days…

One also does have to wonder if he has used thirty-seven atMegas in some strange new configuration combined with shruthi goodness to clone himself, currently he is completing/completed the development cycle on LP Delay, Ambika, and Anushri.

Don’t get excited, most of you won’t need/want this product and this is not a kit. I don’t plan to release any new DIY kits for a long time.

I was actually curious about your development process. While soldering numerous components last night I imagined what it must be like to breadboard these prototypes (assuming that’s how it’s done). I remember trying to breadboard several of the Forrest Mimms and Craig Anderton circuits, always having lots of noise, little success. Would love snippets about any of the development process any time.

Regarding the lack of new DIY stuff, that’s probably a good thing for me, I can catch up with the umpteen things already going on.

oh no problem, the ambika needs to be built in all filter versions, some Shruthi versions still not finished…, Anoushri original and 19"…