2SC945(P) 2SA733(AP) Transistors

I need these transistors for my Willzyx x0xb0x

2SC945§ 2SA733(AP) x10

I am in the UK.


dont worry about the AP parts, they just have a tighter beta range. Get regular 733s and hand sort

You mean test for highest beta and place them in the important places along with the osc

Im mostly after the 945P as alot hsve said if i put it in Q11 itll make a difference, give it a more metallic sound.

I still have hundreds of them, I’ll send you some if you want, just pay postage

The 945P?! Yes! Are you UK? Paypal?

I’m in the US, first class international is $6

I’ll pm you my details. How doyou want the money?:slight_smile:

Did you get my pm?

Sent :slight_smile: