2nd hand braids issues

I bought a second (or third) hand braids. When I got it, it wasn’t tracking properly. It would play a Bb on center positions for fine/course, when hitting C, but also on B. And then other wrong notes in relation to the keys pressed. I tried setting course and fine to C on C, but any other notes pressed we’re still wrong. And it would always play Bb on two keys, B/Bb, Bb/A.

I tried installing the firmware, and mostly it failed, but 3 or 4 times it installed and reset itself. But it won’t play any proper sounds, just digital noise. It does change based on the setting, and it does react to notes/gates, but still just weird digital noise. Any suggestions?

I’m considering making a claim, but since it’s worse now that I reinstalled I don’t know that I can really say it was wrong when I got it, maybe it was a setting I needed to change.

Did you check that you don’t have it in a quantization mode?

Also check the bit rate and sampling rate settings aren’t set to the lowest amounts.

Can you list all the settings of the module?

As mtamayo wrote, the quantizer was probably on and set to a specific scale that doesn’t include the notes around Bb. The calibration might be off, too.

You can scroll to the last setting page showing the version number, hold the encoder for two seconds, and all settings (including calibration data) will be reverted to default. Then you can proceed to calibrate the module.

There is not reason for having done that. If the module powers on, it has a working firmware. The firmware doesn’t spontaneously start misbehaving. Installing the firmware doesn’t erase the settings of the module.


Quantizer was off, I went through and adjusted all settings, I didn’t see what the issue was, but it was also decreasing pitch turn the knob clockwise, and vice versa. I went to the firmware display and held the know and it fixed the problem. Sorry to waste time on a simple fix… I just couldn’t figure out what the simple fix was.

Then it was obviously a calibration issue.

Not entirely! Since the calibration has been reset to default values, your module will no longer respond accurately to V/O. You now have to perform the calibration procedure!


Well, at least I got a crash course in the module and it’s settings/functions. Thanks for your help.


and now your journey begins :face_with_peeking_eye: