2HP Grids expander with 1x4 Midi through

Thought I would share this here. This is my expander for grids which adds a 1x4 through circuit based on 3.5 TRS type B midi cables (Arturia/Novation)

PCB: https://oshpark.com/projects/5FBJieso


Grids midi input + 1x3 trs midi through

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What does the random jack do? I assume random gates?

yes, its just a breakout for the “bonus bait” header on the back of grids

Wow nice job!

That looks very cool and useful.

I have one (thanks Raph!), and it works a treat. And it has output current-limiting resistors for the additional outputs, so you won’t acccidentally fry the MPU if you short the output.

Hi…I want to make the module a stand alone midi through X4 is this possible…just connect power, and can’t use the random I suppose ?

Yep. it just needs 5V power and ground to work as a mult

Nice and clean. Very interested in this. I have a smaller case and HP is tight. I would love to know if anyone has an extra set of PCB and panel for this.

i only sell assembled ones. PCB/Panels sets of 5 will run you all of $20 at jlc

How much are assembled ones? Do you have any for sale? This is cleaner than I could do on strip board. Thank you!

I would like to build an expander for the clock out and random trigger out (ie: I don’t need the midi stuff).

I am new and inexperienced at diy. Would this be a do-able project? I would be grateful if anyone could point me in the right direction of where to start and what parts I would need?

It’s as easy as the Ears expander you built :slight_smile:

Am i warm?

2 x ts sockets
3 x wires

Ground has 2 wires soldered to it, one to the sleeve of each socket. Clock and random go to the respective tips?

Yes, and if you want to it really properly, you can insert a 1k resistor in series between each output and the jack.

Émilie, I feel like there should be some kind of nice person award you should win every day… Thanks


You’re 100% right!