$29 Bass Synthesizer

I found this on synthopia today.

It sounds interesting


you can add another 10-20 bucks for shipping ( i don’t know exactly anymore but it was expensive, registered packet from eastern europe).

i intend to sell mine. i bought it last year, just tried it once or twice and have it in the drawer since then.
i actually wanted to make a small midi controller for it but never did it.
it’s actually a nice little bass synth, works fine with midi control changes and is so small you could probably mount it just with the audio jack.
if someone wants it, pm me. i’m about to check all my stuff here for things i’ll never finish and get rid of a whole bunch of stuff.

Sounds intriguing. It sounds from the demo video like it does 303-style slides, and maybe accents, too, but it doesn’t mention them in the description. Does it, or is that just clever pitchbend/filter CC programming?