250 EUR for JX-3P. Is it a good deal?

Just found a JX-3P in good condition with selling price 250 EUR ?

Is this a good deal ?

Will JX-3P ease my hunger about 80s Italo Disco style bass lines ? or better to think about building an AMBIKA ?

Yes, its a good deal, no it wont do perfect 80ies Italo Disco style bass Lines, but you already have a Shruthi for this, don’t u?

I think the Ambika will be way more flexible.
250€ would be the money i would more likely spend on a JX-8P.

sounds like an very good deal to me!
if you do buy it, i strongly recommend upgading it with the excellent kiwitechnics upgrade. it adds midi cc control of all parameters (so you don’t need a pg200), more patch storage, and lots of additional features.

@fcd72 :slight_smile: Of course I have 2 Shruthi-1 and an Anushri already.

I am looking for polyphonic synth to replace my Roland GAIA SH-01 as it sounds lifeless and so thin according to my ear.

Go for the JX-3P - if you dont like it ill take it for that price… or anyone else on evilBay…

Holy crap that kiwi upgrade is incredible! JX3P is the first analog board I touched I do believe.

Went there and check the gear.

Sound really organic and warm but program-ability without PG-200 is impossible
and volume pot has some problems.

So I gave up and I will save for Ambika :slight_smile:

Yes, its a good deal, the JX3P is a fantastic synth with a great sound.