24 step encoder without dents

Anyone tried to use 24 step encoders without dents on the Shrunthi?
Seeking the ability to turn the small knob with one finger like we can on the pots. But not sure if we get bouncing problems?

Mouser has the Bourns PEC12R-4025F-S0024 in stock.

I tried. It works, but it doesn’t feel great.

Thanks! I steer clear then. When you mention it I’ve have an idea how it feels from experience with sampled pots that has to many parameter addressed to it, - can be hard to hit the intended parameter.

It would be more usable if the firmware skipped every second pulse (so that you’d have 12 increments per rotation) - because it’s difficult with these encoders and the current implement to know when to stop rotating. It’s not a problem at all with the detents.