220v Euro PSUs for Ambika

Can anyone across the pond recommend a source for these? Preferably China or Eurozone

I have one I can send to you.

I also have one. 9V AC isn’t it?

Yes, 9VAC 800 mA+. I’ll PM you in a bit since this is going to EU anyway

These have worked for me so far … rated 1000mA.

You also can recycle any old enough linear power supply into a 9V AC by removing the rectifier stage : http://www.instructables.com/id/9VAC-power-supply-for-x0xb0x/

You could also change your Brake Pads yourselves only using a Swiss army knife or do an Appendectomy just with a wooden toothpick - each is equally potentially dangerous.

I highly recommend you only work with mains power if you EXACTLY know what you are doing. Or if you are tired of life.

If i see what failures pop up here with just ± 5V Supply i wonder what would happen with 230V~ … wait maybe these failures are not shown because the people look more like this:

Yeah seriously. These projects use a regular wall-wart adapter FOR A REASON.

All this chatter kinda reminds me of a video I saw recently, about the effects of AC/DC voltages on the human body. It was actually quite entertaining!

“Some capacitors are polarized” :wink:

This one is epic, i laughed my ass off ! :wink: