220pf capacitors in 4 Pole Mission BOM

Looks like the digikey code in the 4 pole mission BOM for C9, C15, C22, and C26 is a link to a different capacitor than the other links… Digikey part no. 399-4164-ND is a ceramic 220pf cap, but it looks like the right cap may be a STYROFLEX 220P polystyrene cap.

I bought the ceramic 220pf caps from Digikey for my 4 Pole mission board - are they substitutable, or should I buy some polystyrene 220pf caps?

They should be OK as long as the value is the same, and the part fits. It’s easier to get the Styroflex/polystyrene caps with very tight tolerances, but ceramic caps with low temperature drift such as COG/NP0 are cheap and cheerful these days.

Cool. Thanks.