220pF capacitor for Anushri build

Had some problems with one of the capacitors during the build and I’m trying to replace it. Since I need only one, I don’t want to order it online and pay $8-$10 for shipping.
I went to a local store and they didn’t have the styroflex version (just one that looks like a ceramic capacitor). I bought one but I’m second guessing if it’s right now (it was in a bin marked 0.0022 uF/220pF but shouldn’t it be 0.00022?)

My question: How important is it to find an identical one since it is such a small capacity? Can I use one that is too big? I found another store in town and the mylar ones that they have (http://www.a1parts.com/mylar/index.htm) are 100V and not 160V…is the voltage important?

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the significance with styroflex is the tolerances are real tight. You could probably do ok with a ceramic 220p. You may or may not notice an audible difference.

It’s 220p = .22n = .0002u. It should have markings on the side. Typically ceramic caps have 3 numbers. for 220p = 221.

voltage doesnt matter since the Anushri doesnt use 100V (or 160V for that matter). The only difference is size. Higher voltage rating, bigger the part.

If you do not mind explaining, I am curious how you investigated that problem, did you test each cap?

Voltage rating is not important. Capacity and tolerance are essential. If you insist on using a ceramic, use NP0/C0G with a tolerance below 5% or better, 2.5%. It’s not the kind of parts that a local store would stock (or if they had, they wouldn’t put it in a self-service bin).

The problem was all me…I soldered it too tight to the board, and some solder melted the bottom of the cap. Thanks so much for the quick replies everyone! I’m not going to risk using the ceramic cap I bought (even the numbers on it don’t seem right 222)

221 is 220pF ; 222 is 2.2nF.

If the BOM mentions a 220pF styroflex capacitor which costs around 2€ each instead of a 220pF ceramic capacitor which costs around eight cents… there is probably a very good reason for that. There actually is: these caps are directly involved in shaping the sound that your card produces. If they are too far off from their target value, or if the difference within a pair of them is too big, the sound will suffer.

You can substitute the Styroflex capacitors with ceramics like C0G or NPO, but be aware that you should then try to get them with 2.5% tolerance if available. Kemet C315C221F1G5TA are 1%, but cost 1.07USD at Mouser so it not like you save a whole lot of money by looking at precision ceramics. It is the precision that costs. The manufacturer had to measure and bin the product - the horror! Digikey 399-7684-ND at 0.82 a pop will also almost do the trick (5mm lead spacing).

Sadly, sites like mouser charge $20 to ship to Canada. Digikey charges $8. I’m still going to try and source locally.

there should be plenty 220p styros in every well sorted household… like garlic

or 2164s…

haha, fo sho. I have acquired quite of few of each over the past year.

2k +3500ppm tempcos?