20x4 LCD

I’m wondering if I can use a bigger LCD, so I looked a bit at editor.cc and editor.h

What would happen if I only changed kLcdWidth and kLcdHeight?

I’m guessing I will have to modify the Editor::Display* functions to show more info at any given page. I only skimmed the code quickly.

Doable, but you’ll have to rewrite all the Editor::Display* functions since there’s still a lot of screen drawing which is hardcoded for 16x2.

Also, each parameter has a “short_name” and a “long_name” which are both indices into the string table. For most parameters, short_name is equal to long_name (so you see the first 3 letters of the parameter name), but for some of them, I use easier to read trigrams. You’d probably want to rework that. It’s in parameter_definition.cc.