2020 makeovers: Shades, Ripples

Here they are!

Shades’ changes are only cosmetic, but Ripples has a couple of new cool features (HP output, selectable slope, input with overdrive circuit).




Nice, I had actually been thinking of now nice it would be to have a high pass on Ripples. Any particular reason for the move a single two-color LED to two single-color LEDs on Shades?

High pass and overdrive…very nice.

Since Shades is often used for offset application (say: making a bipolar LFO unipolar), the two LEDs make it better to detect slight offsets – it’s easier to detect if the bottom LED is faintly lit, than noticing a different shade of green. And from now on, all analog modules will have this turquoise/pink LED theme.


Really nice updates on Ripples - it looks great!

New Ripples look gorgeous! Great job.

yay, congrats on the release!

I was just about to get Ripples – seems I have to be patient. (Why is that always so hard? :weary:)

Lovely updates! Will be getting the new Ripples for sure.

One question I’ve always wondered about the attenuator pots - they do a great job of helping keep the modules compact, but they have that little bit of give/flex compared to the bigger knobs. Is there any real difference in terms of expected lifespan/durability?

Will have to find some rack space and money . . .

That’s a pertinent question. Until 2018 all the pots, irrespectively of size, were rated for 20k cycles.

In 2018 I upgraded all metal shaft pots to better spec’ed parts rated for 100k cycles, as I started to deal with a flurry of repairs on the cutoff knob of Ripples sold mostly in 2013-2016. You might have noticed a change in “feel”, this is due to that! On Ripples, I’ve never had to repair another pot than cutoff, but I also had a few Braids with a timbre pot having reached its limit number of cycles. This makes me believe that it’s rather safe to still use a 20k cycles plastic-shaft pot for the FM attenuverter.


Love the makeover, drive was something i always wanted on the original ripples!

Edit: Emilie, will there be some soundcloud demos of the new overdrive and highpass features?

Better: a super detailed divkid video!


Emilie, your modules, showcased by DivKid, was what made modular irresistible to me. Thanks you SO MUCH for your contributions to the modular world… Will be ordering the new Ripples!


Great to see some revamped modules appearing, @pichenettes!

I’m sure the overdrive on the filter sounds great, and the high-pass output and switchable slope are great additions.

Keep up the great work!!

So pleased the paisley design lives on♥️

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Great news! Very interested in thé forthcoming test by divkid.

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Oooh I was so close to getting a Bastl Cinnamon. Now new Ripples makes things more complicated!

Get both (if you have the space and cash) - I don’t have a Ripples (yet . . .) but I do have a Cinnamon, and it’s a very nice filter.

I also look forward to the DivKid video - I’ve met him a couple of times and he is a very perceptive guy who quickly gets into something.

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Hello all. I own a Dave Smith Curtis DSM01. While this one has only a LPF, I wanted to get - if possible - your feedback about Ripple. How does it sounds compared to the Curtis one ? Does it have a different ‘flavor’ ? Would you suggest for instance not to sell the Curtis and get on top the Ripple ? Thanks !