2017 UK Ambika Power Supply

I’m looking to start building an Ambika in the near future and I’m currently running into difficulty finding a suitable PSU.
There are already a good handful of threads out there with suitable suggestions but I’m finding that the recommended units are either discontinued or simply not suitable for use in the UK.

Based on the general requirements (9V AC, >600mA) I’ve been able to find the following units.

I’d like some advice on whether I’m barking up the right tree with these options and whether or not one would be more suitable than the others.
It may be worth mentioning that I’m looking at running 6x Polivoks filter cards.

The third one won’t work, it has a DC output.

I got mine from Maplins, but they don’t seem to sell it anymore.

This might be okay?


Many thanks to you both!

Hi , i found that the cheap ones with 1000 mA will be very hot.
I suggest to use minimum 1500 mA AC/AC power supply.

This one is not so expensive and works good:
Rockpower 9V AC 2100 mA