2 tides vs a DPO

I have decided my wmd synchrodyne and me just don’t agree with each other, so cost wise I think I can swing another tides this week if I cut down on food ( yup the crack part is full on now )

What I wondering apart from the pre mixed outs would 2 tides do the same amount of modulation FM etc that the DPO offers? I have found more and more that a more additive approach is music to my ears rather than a filtered sound. Sweeps are nice, but speaker ripping power of combination waves really drawing me in, plus with the braids and frames and sheep firmware, that’s a lot of potential wave table synthesis there too!

Anyway if there is anyone who has had two tides vs a DPO it would be interesting to know if I can achieve the same level of FM and modulation with 2 tides in my case.

Or if anyone wants to ditch a tides for a synchrodyne in the uk, swapsies?