2 Anushri interfacing ques

Hi all-

So I’m trying to use anushri (what a dang synth!) to control my moog source, and then run the audio back into the anushri, so I can get three oscillators in anushri for some wacky sounds. Problem is, I can’t seem to get them in tune to each other, I play with tune, octave, detune, and all the controls on anushri, but it moves the external sound around as well, and I can’t seem to get octaves or unison. Tried changing tuning parameters on the moog, and it doesn’t allow enough travel in the tuning to reach unison or octave either. Any ideas?

Also, trying to get Logic to sync up with anushri for recording purposes, but I think I’m doing something wrong as it won’t trigger it. Is this a midi-clock issue, and if so, how do get them to be friends?

Btw, Olivier, LOVE anushri, what a sound! And options, so many options. Don’t think I’ve had so much fun just listening to a synth’s syrupy filter in quite a while, and just sitting and playing with it is so enjoyable. Had my roommate (non-musician) come over the just turn knobs at random yesterday, and he also had a ball. It’s just a great box from so many angles, so many great sounds and possibilities in a tiny package.

trying to be friends.

oh, btw, I did turn off the internal software tuning in the anushri when trying to cv it to the moog.

Did you calibrate the tracking ?

Have you done the VCO calibration with the two trimmer on the board as described in the Anushri Assembly Instructions ?
Some people have had proplems with it. See this thread.

I didn’t realize there was a calibration routine, to start, but now that I’ve looked over this, it speaks of the VCO trimmers, but I’m not sure where those are. I do see holes in the bottom of the plexi case that lead to some screws, but I turned these and hear no tuning effects (I didn’t assemble it myself), so I’m guessing these are structural screws. Help?

The two blue trimmers are for the VCO and the single blue trimmer for the VCF.

FYI, tuning Anushri is quite a task and sometimes unachievable without modifications. There’s some discussion on it if you search (I’m on my phone and it’s a bit of a task to search). I know I could never get mine to tune right and I’ve calibrated my fair share of VCO’s.

yeah, I noticed talk of resistors and all. lemme see what I can do, at least now I know how. thanks alot, this helps!

ok, so I tried calibrating, only to realize I don’t really know what scale and offset do. how do I tune with these two screws in relation to a keyboard I know is in tune? sorry to ask silly questions, but I really fiddled with both screws for quite a while and couldn’t figure it out.

Scale is your V/Oct. offset raises or lowers the overall pitch. Press C on your keyboard and adjust the offest to bring the vco to c. Then play c an octave higher. Adjust the scale accordingly. Return to the previous c. If out, adjust offset. Repeat until you get 1 oct intervals. Then try 2 octaves, then 3. It’s a lot of back and forth.

Think of scale as the space between one octave, and offset as tuning the note to be as close to a “real” note as possible. At least that helped me.

Also note, the trimmers can be turned quite a bit more than a normal potentiometer, so try to keep turning until it starts making a faint clicking noise, that was you know that you have hit the maximum setting for that trimmer…

All in all, it took me around 30 minutes to tune mine, so it does take a while…

many thanks, y’all, will try this!

ok, stuck because of other interfacing issues. Moog source has in/out cv and gate jacks. I’ve got cv in/out going to cv in on anushri, gate in/out going to gate in on anushri. right now they only seem to talk when I’ve got a sequence going on the anushri, and I’m simultaneously depressing a key on the moog. I’ve tried tuning it like this and it’s just driving me in circles, but the problem here could be with the oddness of the moog’s cv interface. either way, I’m confused.

OK, when tuning the anushri, use the midi input.

As for the moog, the gate/adsr/filter needs to be “active” for it to let sound trough, on some synths you can make them trigger trough external inputs, on others not. Don’t know how it is for the moog source… This is why you get sound when pressing a key - this activates/triggers the aforementioned bits, and lets the sound from the anushri in–

Sorry for any confusion, I’m slightly drunk. Hope this still makes sense in the morning…

I don’t have a source but I do have a rogue and it has a single jack labeled Gate IN/OUT and another jack labeled CV IN/OUT. They are TRS jacks. Not exactly sure of the pin out, but for explanatory sake, let’s say IN is ring and OUT is the tip. So, you’ll need to get TRS to Y TS cables. Could be part of the issue.