2 Anushri? Any experience or tracks to share?

I love the way the anushri sounds. I’m wondering what layering two of them together to get that dual vco thickness would sound like. Especially if you play a sequence at them, and bring them in and out of having the same settings. My guess is it would sound pretty damn cool. Anyone done this, and have some tracks to share? I’d love to hear.

Top Trick you could try yourselves :wink:

I guess this would be a way to check out the sound. I did try this once briefly and it didn’t sound quite like what doubled oscillators tend to sound like, but lemme try again and see what I might’ve done wrong, I’m guessing it was something silly. I mean, if I send the same sequence to it and multitrack it, it should sound identical to two playing at once, unless there’s some odd latency or whatever going on.