2.2k / 220ohm substitution

Hi, just started assembly on my kit! My 2.2k was accidentally replaced by a 220ohm resistor in my package. Just wanted to let people know, it’s an obvious mistake, if he was using 1% resistors the color code would have been red-red-black-brown, 220ohm 5% is red-red-brown and 2.2k is red-red-red. Dunno if it’s’ just mine or if everybody got that…

Just a forewarning!

The way I proceed is the following

Phase I:

  1. Get 20 plastic cup
  2. For each line of the BOM, take the corresponding bag of components from the big bunch I receive from digikey/farnell, and put the right quantity in each cup

Phase II:

  1. For each cup, empty the cup in a plate
  2. Pick each line of the BOM from the plate and put it back into a bag

I think it’s quite reliable (The phase II is quite time-consuming indeed, but I do sometimes find missing parts at this stage so it’s worth doing), and I am sorry you had this problem. It’s probably an isolated case… If you know better ways of preparing that might reduce such problems, let me know!

Everything was fine in my kit, except for the fact that I got an extra resistor. Thanks! Mine will be done by tomorrow.