1st Anushri jam, beats & bass

Not sure how I stumbled up on this sound but am loving it. Midi synced from logic , midi notes + envelopes, bit of delay on the drums but all Anushri

hey really nice jam mate, love the sound of the drums actually as well, the digital noise is not a problem once you get a groove going is it… built mine & poor thing is just sitting there (NB naked, frank - wink wink) cos got an exam tomorrow, after that I will be hopefully following you into bass & bit-crushed beats bliss… except i will definitely want to be tweaking the envelopes by hand, twenty knobs! i won’t be able to resist, & love the kohonen drum pattern-land so will just free it to roam and see what happens…

Dude, this is awesome! I really love those sounds. I gotta get my anushri tuned up, so I can work with it some more. I haven’t had much time recently to work on musical projects. Downloading rebirth to the ipad has also taken up some time! This is a great machine though, and the drums are loads of fun!

Thanks guys its a great little synth. Just been playing around with it again tonight, will get some more uploaded soon.