19" rack for broke people

I just stumbled across this: http://wiki.eth0.nl/index.php/Lackrack
As I start to have more and more 19" racks, I was thinking about building my own case for my home studio, but I was concerned about the solidity.
This seems like a good solution although I am doubting a bit that with deep units, the 4 screws will be enough…

Did anyone try this already?

I guess i can’t be that broke……. i just wanted to saw a hole in a Lack for Fair decoration - ended up using a knife because thats easier :wink:

Well that’s my concern. I have had bad experiences in the past with IKEA’s wood chipboard.
But I kind of like the fact that these tables have the perfect size for 19" racks…
I might try it

Try with some classic gear, may i suggest an E-MU 4 Series Sampler ? :wink:

@Paulus: this is another IKEA alternative
This will need a bit more work tho…

Jeez, I do not need more gear, I am already broke!
Well maybe I do…
Ok I do…

I would not recommend is. It is too low above the carpet/floor, so you will end up dusting your gear ;-). Use an IKEA Rast with Adam Hall 19" 6 HU rails and put it on a table…


I like the Rast version. It seems stronger and using 19" rails seems like a better solution rather that having to screw into those cheap Lack legs.
Thanks a lot, I will dig into that !

Where to find this 19” rails in Europe ?

Thomann, costs only a few bucks…6 HU premade is perfect.
Used this lately for my modular rig.

I have two Rasts housing my modular and some a patchbay and power strip. They work nicely.

I’ve got an old 19" desktop rack for free if anyone is in the UK and midlands area?

@nightworks can you post the reference link for the 6 HU premade from Thomman ?

http://www.thomann.de/de/adam_hall_61535b6.htm - this was perfect for my Baugruppenträger.

I made two dual rast racks. (http://tommy.special-edition.se/downloads/dual-rast.jpg)
They are sturdy enough for what I use them for, and side by side they fit neatly underneath a Stolmen system. :wink:

It is quite an old thread, however, the cheapest rails I have found were on ebay:

and they do well in the LackRack :slight_smile:
my LackRack

To my dismay, the Rast nightstand has been discontinued in Belgium and the Netherlands. It still seems to be available in the US so maybe there’s an opportunity for setting up a smuggling route… Does anybody know if it’s still available in any European countries?

Yup, just order it in the german IKEA online store.

It still seems to be available in the UK.


Is it available everywhere in the UK? I looked online but it doesn’t seem available any more.