18pF ceramics, 22pF on ambika BOM


"Add 1x 100pF (labelled 101) and 1x 18pF (labelled 180) capacitors. They limit the bandwidth of the op-amps and keep them stable. The TL072s don’t strictly need them though."
The 18pF ceramic capacitors are not on the bom, there are however 22pF which I have. Are these meant/ok to be used instead?
2 of these capacitors are used with the Quartz


Yes they will work fine.

Thanks. I wasn’t sure on the tolerances for the Quartz.
Also, I’m still waiting on by 15 dual colour LED’s to arrive. Would it be hazardous to other parts of the circuit to test the motherboard without the LED’s? Would it work at all without them? Despite the lack of feedback it would still be useful to see if I can change pages/pots change parameters properly etc

The unit works fine without the leds, (i’m waiting for them too). Be sure to do all the voltage test before fitting the ic’s and switching it on.