18p ceramic for Shruthi-XT

Hi Friends…
I am arming a XT and i need 2 cap18p for the shruthi (The only thing that I do not have ) but in my country I do not find, it is possible to replace it by another value?

What country? Someone in your region may be willing to send you a pair.
Otherwise, check the specifications of the quartz you are using. The 18p caps serve to build a resonance circuit together with the quartz, but each brand/type of quartz has an optimal value for the caps and 18p may not even be the nominal value for the quartz you have. That said, there is usually quite a bit of tolerance and if you exceed the tolerance, nothing will break. You just won’t get resonance on the quartz and nothing will work.

Ok, thank you very much @ByteFrenzy, it will check the specifications :wink:

says CRYSTAL 20.00 MHZ/7pF HC49S

I got some on ebay cheap. They don’t have to be anything exotic, just disc capacitors.

Could try Amazon too. Its surprising what a range of components I can find now on Amazon UK at least.
It’s been handy for me anyway, as I don’t do ebay.

Hi, if no success, contact me , and i send you some in a letter .
You can use also 20 or 22pF . But than for all Vocecards and also the MOBO .

The caps have 10 % tolerance…