18k vs 20k resistors

Hi everyone. I’m sourcing parts at local component shop, and the smr4 mkII board needs 18k resistors. They don’t have 18k. But they do have 20k. Would 20k work? Thanks!

One of those resistors is controlling the resonance gain. Smaller resistor = less gain in the resonance feedback amp = more chances of not reaching self-oscillation. You’d rather use 15k if you can. Still, the resonance setting will be a bit off-scale if you do so.

Ah. I see. Well, then I will patiently wait for an order of three 18k resistors. There is one other place in town I can check with, but I never know if they will actually have the things I need.

Thanks again!

Also, what happens if the resistors I picked up are 2% tolerance?

18k are actually more common than 20k.
All in one, you better pick a 18k with 2% tolerance than a 20k with 1% tolerance :slight_smile:

I know its ugly, but if you put Resistors in Series the Resistance adds up - go make your own 18K.

BTW you are lucky off. The next Electronics Store in my Case is 45km away…

2% should be fine.

The other shop totally had 18k resistors. Started my build tonight. Very exciting.

you could also get fancy with some parallel resistors: (R1*R2)/(R1+R2)=Rp