15 LEDs from mouser - ambika

Ok so apparently I mounted these backwards(didnt notice the hint at the beginning of the instructions until it was too late). Will they still work just giving me a reverse of the intended colors?

You can change the color/reverse it in the settings :slight_smile:

So im good then it doesnt matter? lool

Yess they will work.


Getting crazy … where is that setting? Can someone give me the path …

From the library page: Press S7 to display more commands. Press S1 to bring the system *pref*erences page. It’s there. Unless you run a prehistoric version of the firmware.

Ha! Found it! I did not recognise the ‘Pref’ entry as menu point, maybe because of the arrow in front of the ‘init’.

Wanted to thank you for this posting I did the same thing wheeeouph :slight_smile: