-12V PSU Limit

Hi everyone,

My PSU has a 1.5a +12V | 0.5a -12V limit and I’m currently running on 1205 mA +12V | 484 mA -12V.

I’ve read briefly on using the max of 80% of the PSU power, due to power needed when powering on. It seems I’m ok with the +12V, just wondering if that would be a problem in the -12V, using 484ma out of 500ma

Thank you in advance.

Is it a Meanwell RT65-B? I read on multiple posts that apparently the -12V line can be loaded much higher than the nominal rating without problems.

In any case, if it’s a decent supply, it should have a safety shutdown function. In this case, just give it a try.

Thanks for replying. Yes it is the Meanwell RT65-B, I had no issues so far but wanted to make sure.