10v issue in midipal

Hi I have built a midipal but I’m getting 10v going through it on the board pins!
Have replaced components and checked solder joints… can anyone help?

I’ve removed a lot of components to try and find why I’m getting so high a voltage.
Scotty diode in d2 shows 3v
But diode in d3 shows 9v …
On testing ground and 3.3v pins on board I’m getting 9v…
Any idea anyone?

What power supply are you connecting? Is it 9V DC, and is the polarity correct?

Yep 9v and correct parity. Doesn’t make sense but I think the tracks on the pcb are burnt.
Going to order another!

I’m not familiar with it, but I have cocked up building power supplies before, so…

Check the orientation of the voltage regulator, referring to the datasheet to identify the pins or legs. Often, the diagram in the datasheet, which is supposed to help with that, is just a line drawing, and can easily be read the wrong way.

Burnt tracks can also indicate a short circuit, e.g. one caused by a solder bridge connecting two points that aren’t meant to be connected.

I’d suggest using your damaged board to debug the power supply problem, checking you get the right voltage out of the regulator, then verify the new board is doing the same, before adding any other parts.

Thanks for the advice.
I think it has shorted.
Have ordered two new boards as I think I may need more than one and will as you have suggested use current one as a guide.

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