10uF tantalum cap OPTIONAL

Hey all,

this part is labelled as optional on the kit. I will not be using it, so do I need to bridge the connection, or just leave it as is? Thanks in advance… :slight_smile:

Is this C1 on the standard filter?
I think shorting it would be a bad move as you are then shorting the other 100uf capacitor.

You either fit it or you don’t, nothing else to do if you don’t.

If you have the part, use it. If not, don’t solder it and don’t bridge the pad.

OK, thanks very mucho!

This part on the C1 i woud like to know if this is polarised or not??

It is.

Reading the Instrutions helps (at least when you read them):

Step 3: power supply, part 3

Now, add:

The 3 100uF electrolytic caps (C2, C11, C12). Note that the caps that come with your kit might have a different color or voltage. What matters is the value printed on it. If it is labelled 100uF, it’s good!
The (optional) 10uF tantalum cap (C1).±
The 2 220uF electrolytic caps (C20, C30). 470uF or higher can also be used there ; but the higher the capacity, the bulkier the caps get.
All of them are polarized. The white stripe on the side of the electrolytic capacitors indicates which of their lead is negative. The negative lead is the shortest one. The long lead must go in the hole marked with a plus sign.

Reading the Instrutions helps…

Ha! My first build what a n00b

OMG, they grow up so fast :wink: I think we’ve all been there some time ago. After learning some, people (looking at self) get bitten by modulars, sit in their (man)caves and start enjoying the two sounds you can make: Broken moped engine, and drip-drop in a cave.

I didn’t know a Buchla is that limited… and for the real DripDrop you need a Lexicon for this endless Reverb.

Welcome to ModularLand™, the place where hardly any Music is made™.

Yesterday you asked this questions, now you ordered a C. Gearocalypse™

@fcd72: That’s the Modular Trick™ - something melodic (useful if you will) is sort of easy, and requires relatively little patching. Then you start patching more for the hell of it, can’t get back and everything converges to either of those two archetypical noises…

You mean the more Patchcords you use the drip-drop-motordroney the sound gets? So i shouldn’t order 50 cables with my first 10 Modules? Is there a certain point where it breaks in one of the two archetypes?

You’ll know it when you get there :smiley:
Sometimes it also sounds like insects desperate to mate - add some reverberation and you’ll enter cave territory.

Take a peek at most modular synth demos on Youtube - you’ll soon hear a certain pattern to it…
The interesting thing is that you’ll have a lot of fun on the way, before the inevitable happens, so it’s all good.

I’ve been listening to Oliviers modular jams on soundcloud with my girlfriend and inevitably she asks “so can you make those noises on YOUR synth??” (In a rather abrasive tone), so I bust out the old youtubes and show her what a rack is and what they involve… She has zero interest in me ever making any of those noises. Or even thinking too hard about them.

Has she other qualities?

She’s a professional baker? Oh and she holds my pcbs when I need to desolder. But it is getting rougher the more I’m getting into DIY and real synthesis :confused: we’ll see, my friends.

Baker or Patissiere? Holding the PCB can be easily replaced for costs of a fraction of a pair of shoes…

Pâtisserie (thanks for the new word!). She hates expensive shoes, and most “things.” If she’s got cats and Ganj, she’s happy