10pin 10k resistor network instead for 9pin - would it work anyway?

sorry, i know it’s maybe a stupid question but i got the wrong resistor network for the ambika build on my last order (10pin instead for 9pin). are the resistors interconnected parallel or in a row? i’m wondering if it would work when i cut off one pin but i’m afraid to destroy something so i wouldn’t try it before i hear an experts opinion.

No problem if the resistor is Bussed like it should be.

Be sure you cut the right leg.

great…not only that it would work but also that my assumption was right :smiley: thanks adrian. soon it should be ready to move into the case i got from you :wink:

Do it the official MI way

f*ck yeah! :smiley:

You can make your own out of SMD resistors and wire :slight_smile: