10kresistor array for digital boards

I’m assembling a digital board, but I found that my 10k arary is 8pin instead of 7pins of the pcb. Noob question can I cut the last pin, not dotted cause is an array?
Thanks in advance

Yes. Cut it with heavy cutters. Like on this picture

There should be a dot or some sort of marker. Otherwise you may have the wrong component.

Just do it the official Mutable Instruments way


Be aware you cut the right (non marked) pin…else you have a 20K Resistor Network (which should work as well btw…).

Yup, I’ll cut one pin in the other side of the dot. Thanks.

Or you could cut one from the middle and solder it together…

Yes fcd72, only for make life esier…
Thanks, Marco

We are not looking for easy ways :wink:

If we were in easy ways we would all use VA Plugins…

Real DIY guys making resistor networks by themselves. Give me 10 minutes and i’ll show how to.

Countdown running… Its 18:36 MEZ :wink:

What about wireless resistor networks? :slight_smile:

Hehe! I thought you would make it from normal thru-hole resistors. Nice!

We are not looking for easy ways :wink:
In my Soviet childhood i’ve also making resistors and capacitors.

But I do not think that you want to know this =))

That’s like the skeleton version of a resistor network. Tim Burton would love that :slight_smile:

Give me his address and I’ll send it to him for his birthday.

In Soviet Russia the resistor makes you?

I made my own pots once a long time ago. Those kicked ass! I needed sliders, but had only rotaries. So, inspired by this old Philips stereo I took an Archimedes screw and made a small slider that rode on this and it turned the pot. Kick ass! Too bad I can’t find those old experiments any more.

Can i have this one for my next Digital Board?

The Soldering Hero of the Day Award clearly goes to schrab!

^- Print, Cut and stick to your Workbench

Yes. I respect you much more than Tim Burton.