1010 Bitbox Micro Slice Mode

Got a 1010 Bitbox Micro and wanted to test out the slice mode. I used a jazz drum loop preset with the module. I used a Euclidean trigger generator function from the XOR NerdSEQ, added some addtional triggers, and then used “random jump” FX to make the beat more generative. Oh! I also modulated the filter on the Bitbox and then ran the loop out to IME Bionic Lester in negative comb filter mode with NerdSEQ periodically modulating the Bionic Lester. I used I think 10 VCAs total… probably more. Everything else is pretty basic.

Hi! Great to see some Bitbox content. I just ordered mine today, after a long time figuring out what I wanted. I spent last year buying outboard machines (Arturia, Korg, TD3, and 0-Coast) but then started my first rack a few months ago. My initial dream modules were Bitbox and Morphagene. Reality won over, and I started my rack with functional utilities (Frames, Marbles, Blinds, Links, and Stages) in a Rackbrute 6U paired with the O-Coast and Minibrute 2S. Now I’ve just added Bitbox (ordered today, due to arrive in 8-12 days)

I’m really interested to see how Marbles works with Bitbox, for drum patterns, for synthbox firmware, and maybe it will be interesting for fxbox, I dunno yet…

I’ll check out your channel and see what other bitbox stuff you have.