101 uses for a Mutable Instruments sticker

1. Decorate your rack case.
2. Help identify your bag at the airport luggage carousel.

  1. Eye patching in case of Amblyopia.
  2. To fix a hole in your wallet.
  3. To pretend your (ugly) clone is an original MI.
  4. Use it as a Mutable Instrument and stick it on your mouth.
  5. To cover the words on your screen whenever you read a sentence that states that Émilie quits MI
  6. As a DIY Brazilian wax strip.
  7. To sabotage the peephole in your neighbours door.

Help to cover a tablet case when you ordered blue and they sent a washed-out turqouise.

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  1. cover an open wound in an emergency
  2. stick it on your front door so people know a person of excellent taste lives there
  3. use as a form of currency in a post-apocalyptic world where synth-related gear has become an all-important resource
  4. put it in someones mailbox. That person will open it, see the sticker, and promptly go down a rabbit hole leading to great sounds and financial annihilation
  5. stick it on your webcam! Mutable instruments now protects your privacy!

Customise your blank panels, it probably works better on ones bigger than 2hp :wink:


For me the best so far! (The Brazilian wax was no succes… :confounded:)