101 Sequencer step triggers?

Hi, I just received my midipal yesterday and have been reading through the manual before I case it up and get to work.

One thing that seems to be missing on the midipal sequencer that was a great feature of the 101 (and jx3p) was to step through the sequence with triggers.
It’s a great way to get quick sequences for live playing.
I wonder if it would be possible to make a mode on the sequencer to step to the next note in the sequence every time a midi note is received rather than a constant clock.
Any ideas how this could be implemented?


This is a good idea, I’ll try to implement it next time I’ll spend time on the MIDIpal firmware.

Awesome! I think it would be very useful. I made a workaround system on my nord modular but it didn’t have the immediacy of the 101/jx3p sequencers.

Thanks for the work! I’m really looking forward to getting into this great tool!

@edfn tangentially, some years ago, I saw a guy do an amazing live set with what appeared to be a nord modular step-sequencer triggered from his drum kit. I think this (terrible-quality) video is a little more recent, and I think he’s changed his setup since I saw him, but you get the idea.


saw him once, too. amazing performance.

Slightly better clip here
and interview

He mentions a ‘modular synthesiser’. Don’t see a rack full of analogue gear though, so I think he’s talking about a Nord Micro Modular, which I think is what I spotted at the gig.


Sorry, guys, I’ve derailed this thread.
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Yes that’s pretty much how it works with my patch, the trouble is you (kind of) have to set up sequences before rather than bash some notes and then hit run. The trigger way is lots of fun!

talking of derailment , my baby :wink:
30+ years I have had it - bought in 1982 with my first pay packet - it cost 182 GBP without the handle (50 GBP)

also the psu

mine is in need of repair and i’d like to have an alternative to dragging it out to liveshows because it takes its toll…

i have looked after it …it is gagging to be linked to my anushri , but i have not time just yet

any progress being made in terms of step triggers?

I’m sure there is a priority for implementing new features on MI devices, but I also really liked this about the JX3P when I had one and sorely miss it now. You can get really cool poly-rhythms by doing a sequence that is 7 steps and then programming a 4/4 rhythmic trigger pattern. That was really great fun, and also very practical.

Along with this, another thing Roland got right in the 80s was the triggered arp (with optional hold) function on the Juno 6/60. I have never understood why synth makers didn’t keep this post-MIDI because it is just awesome! This with all of the other arpeggiator options offered by Midipal would be heaven.

Wonder how this could be implemented - have one designated MIDI channel that listens receives the chord notes to be arpeggiated, and another designated channel that just listens for note on/off to trigger the notes in the arpeggio?

I gave it a try…

The CLK parameter (clock mode) now has a new option called KBD (keyboard trigger). This can be used to step the SH-style sequencer or the arpeggiator using either:

  • MIDI note 96 (highest note on a 61-keys keyboard) on the selected channel.
  • Any note on channel 16.

Awesome! Thanks a bunch!

Now, please don’t forget to give us another one midi note to reset the sequencer…

oh man, can’t wait to have some fun with this update!

Shiiiiiiiit…i was just wishing this earlier… guna have to get a midi pal

I bloody love Mutable gear. Especially when teamed with my Machinedrum. This just makes total sense.

Could we have this feature also for the polyseq?