1000€ for this Euro system?

A dude in my hometown is selling this system (including case, cables and PSU) for 1000€.

I know that Eurorack involves careful research about “needs” rather than buying something big out of the blue, but I’m thinking splitting this into 2 with a friend of mine who’s also considering getting into Eurorack sooner or later and then adding modules according to our tastes.

Opinions ?

Hmm, yes, you got it right. Chances are that many modules won’t be your cup of tea. Plus I would not buy anything that involves an uZeus PSU. Some of the modules are actually quite nice… maybe you need to check them out in detail and see if most of them fit your taste. Also check if the price is good… depends a bit on the case also.

Nothing there takes my fancy. uZeus seems to create a spike on the 5v rail causing problems on modules that need 5v and can’t cope with such spikes. I’d pass on it myself.

If you want my opinion on the modules: the SympleSEQ is nice, but a bit dated (you can get more advanced sequencers now, including the Orbitals from the same maker). The Doepfer VCS is nice imho, if you like that type of things. Spring reverbs are love it or hate it thing, I guess this comes with a spring tank, this means: fun to play around with, but can be noisy… and of course it takes up space. The multiples are passive… you’ll want some buffered ones as well, or even just that if you got with stackable jacks. The Barton clock divider looks like one of those modules that take up way too much space for what it does (but I might be wrong about it). You have a lot of filters in there, you’ll probably don’t need as many to start with, the oscillators aren’t really impressing me… the rest seems ok, but certainly not exciting.

Same feeling as rumpelfilter - it seems that some guy removed from his system the modules he liked the least. The first pass of “spring cleaning” of someone who recently got into modular and expanded too quickly (I think a few of us went through similar sales). Everything needed to make noise, but with OK, “basic and functional” modules.

Buy it only if it comes with a nice case and if you like the tone of the Symbiotic waves, the Titan, and the two filters - the rest are utility modules which do the job. The job of the sympleseq could be “outsourced” to a Korg SQ-1 or a beatstep pro.

Yeah, if you were to split this up between two people. You would have one OSC and one VCF with one of you ending up with a passable power-supply for a small system and an oversized case. Best case, you buy this, sell the modules individually at a gain, then reinvest into a system you will actually like! :slight_smile: Assuming that these modules are even worth the asking price.

I, personally, would not buy this. You can get a Pittsburgh starter 10.1+ system for less and reliably sell the modules at the equivalent cost or a gain. Basically, get a cheap case and PSU. The new DC power-supply has 2 Amps and a 5V rail. So I will recommend this course over that. Especially since you get TWO systems with TWO cases and TWO power supplies for around 1250 EUR. If you buy the offer you link to, one of you will need to spend on a case and PSU, and they are not cheap!

I will also state again that the Pittsburgh Waveforms oscillator (included in the 10.1+) is still the “phattest” sounding analogue oscillator on the market. That pulse/square wave is the best I’ve ever heard. That includes all vintage synths I am familiar with. So I am very biased when recommending starter systems.

Also, while the Doepfer stuff is capable, it’s plentiful and cheap to buy.

Oh and I forgot one thing, the main reason not to buy this is: there’s no Mutable Instruments modules inside! :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot guys for your hindsights and knowledgeable comments, especially concerning the µ-zeus ! :slight_smile:

I will pay him a visit and check it out anyway but yeah it’s a lot of money, even for two people.

I also wanted to say that I have an Anushri.

On the uZeus question, I’d just like to add that I have two of them, and so far haven’t had any issues with the 5v supply.

I must admit, though, I’ve spent more time obsessing about buying stuff for my modular synth than I have actually making noises with it, so perhaps you shouldn’t take too much notice of my experience…


The 5V issue may only apply to certain batches or perhaps it’s more of an issue on certain input voltages?

The problem with the uZeus is usually in combination with certain modules. Apart from the 5V issues you could also get noise from it. For example the uZeus, VCnoiz and Harvestman Polivoks VCF combination results in a lot of noise in the audio signal (and no, it’s not the desired one coming from the VCnoiz’s output), so it’s not easy to find out what’s wrong. Thing is: if you can choose, then go with a different PSU.

Ah, ok. I did have a LOT of noise when I tried to use my (now sold) Doepfer Ext.In module with a mic. I subsequently read others complaining it was noisy though, so just put it down at the time to the module itself. May have been a combination of hight noise floor on the module, and noise from the uZeus.


I see the modular world as being similar to big box PCs. There’s always going to be a combination of stuff that doesn’t quite play along as well as expected.