100 new patches for Ambika

I hope this is okay here, If not then please delete.

I finally got around to buying a fully built Ambika during lockdown, So I made quite a few patches!

100 Fresh patches for the Ambika

Pads, Keys, Drones, Leads, Bass and more done in the usual BoB SwanS style!

My own Ambika is a 6xSVF build with the latest YAM firmware installed,
All the patches use the standard LPF so will be compatible with the majority of Ambika’s out there,
but you may need to install the YAM firmware to get use of the extra Oscillators included.

I programmed these patches in full 6 Voice poly mode,
No sequences or arpeggios are included but some patches do use the step sequencer for modulation.

Here is a 10 min audio demo of around 20 patches

Price is £10 but I have a discount running.
Normal discount is 25% off but I have one for 45% off for
members of the Mutable Instruments Ambika Owners And Builders group on Facebook

I know many of you don’t like Facebook so I will post it here as well
Enter code “Fambika” to get 45% off until 28th of October


Patches sound great nice work!

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Very nice. I don’t use Facebook. How can I access your patches ?

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I see you found them, sorry for not posting the actual link. I’m not sure why I didnt so here it is anyway

Thank you

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Thanks. I built my Ambika last year and am just getting to grips with it. It’s a great machine and compliments my Micromonsta and blofeld really well. I’m looking forward to trying your patches. I’m surprised there aren’t more patches available as there must be a lot of users. I’m not on Facebook so can’t see whether that group is active or not.
I see your in Manchester , I’m just across the Pennines in Leeds. All the best to you.

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I just found your tip for setting up default 6 Voice mode in the Multi when booting up each time - that will save me a lot of time - thanks !!

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