10 ragas to a disco beat (1982)

Wonder if there are people who have not heard this yet. I was trying to track down the origins of acid house, and 90% of the time that lead me to Phuture, buuut, than I stumbled upon this.

Love that 303, especially since that was the year it was released.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=conwt8Dy27Y&list=PL92EAAE3CD9D40C57 (all 10 tracks)

“Latterly, outside of India, Charanjit Singh gained attention for his 1982 release Synthesizing: Ten Ragas to a Disco Beat, an album originally intended as a fusion of electronic disco music with Indian classical ragas. Singh’s use of both the TR-808 drum machine, and TB-303 bass synthesizer has led some music journalists to suggest that it is perhaps the earliest example of acid house music; predating Phuture’s seminal Chicago acid house record “Acid Tracks” (1987) by five years.[2][8] Comparisons have also been made with the work of other electronic dance musicians who were inspired by acid house such as Ceephax, Phuture 303, and Aphex Twin.[13] According to The Guardian writer Stuart Aitken, Singh’s record was “far ahead” of its time.[8] Aitken also discussed the importance of the record on US radio station PRI’s The World.[14]”

Nice! Thanks for posting this, I make kirtan music and since finishing my x0xb0x I’ve been making very acid versions of Hindu prayers.

A friend of mine from Holland Johanz is now touring with him in Europe at the moment… And this guy is old now!

@weNiverse do you have any uploaded? this interests me highly.

is this open to others?

This is i gues

Yes both :), awesome.

Wow I knew about the album but a live show… and now I see that I missed them in my hometown 2 weeks ago… Damn !

I came across that on the Wikipedia TB303 page. It sounds like a lot of the dance music called Goa Trance that was popular in London in the late 80s and early 90s.

This is awesome. Thanks.

Old school goa trance is the best. Just listen to this

Just saw him play at the Field Day festival here in London.


@thecyantist: I don’t have any recorded vocals due a lack of mic, it’s more of a personal practice but I hope put on kirtanica shows in the near future. I’ll let you know when I post stuff.

ALX how was it? he seems to still have the talent: )

tb323, check this one out. I used to have quite a few trance records and this was definitely the silliest 303 freak out of them all:
Solar Quest - Acid air raid

I had some good times in the 90s but it killed a few brain cells.

That was so good. I just bought it.

Dunk: very nice! :slight_smile:

@Dunk: braincells are definetely overrated, we still live !

One of my favourites here. Don’t think it has a 303, but anyway… still going strong.
Brain Accent - Orange Acid

@dude163 I only caught the end of his set, to be honest- it was really early on. What I heard sounded good though.