1% vs 5% resistors

I’m building a YM Shruthi today and silly me, didn’t order enough parts. I’m missing 4 2.2k resistors, and can’t source 1% tolerance nearby. Would it be the end of the world if I used 5%?

2 of them are not a big deal, one of them will mess with the filter range but there’s a trimmer anyway to compensate ; and the last one will slightly mess with the delay times.

ok, I’ll see how it ends up…I can get better ones, but it means driving :slight_smile:

1: Just get a bunch of the 5% and measure them.
2: Use the pick of the pack.
3: ?
4: Profit!

The “good” 5% resistors have already been taken at the factory and labelled as 1% resistors :slight_smile:

You never know. Usually production variance is smaller than one would think. I’ve been able to get 0.5% matched resistors from a 5% pile against the nominal value measured with a fairly expensive Agilent meter, but there’s no guarantee of course :slight_smile:

I prefer Carbon as it is easier to read the bands and I don’t feel 1% is needed except in very few circumstances.

1% are strongly recommended for the 4PM and the dual SVF.