1% Resistors in Polivoks Filter


My order came with some weird components rather than the 100k 1% metal film resistors. I had some spare 100ks kicking about so used those. I think they’re 5% carbon film.

Do the 100k’s have to be 1% on the poliviks filter or can I get away with 5%?



In the polivoks filter you can even get away with a piece of paper with a charcoal marking on it :wink:
5% will be fine for it.

yup…it does not really matter, as this filter is untunable and an evil bitch ^^

Great. I’ve wanted a real polivoks for years so I’m glad to hear this one’s an evil bitch too. :slight_smile:

Second Fcd72 andnightworxx - precision and Polivoks are not bedfellows :slight_smile: