1 PSU for 2 Shruthis


Can I power 2 shruthis in parallel from one psu (9VDC and 1A)? Or do I have to consider something else? I would just split the cable for that (soldered with 2 adapters)…


I used to power 4-5 devices from one PSU and that always worked fine, I only had problems with adding some non-Mutable DIY synths. I find that the Shruti’s PSU circuit does not create any noise problems. Of course you need to use a good quality brick with enough juice, but 1A for two Shruthis should be enough IIRC)

Hey papernoise,

ok, thanks. What problems did you get with which “non-Mutable DIY” synths?
nice that i can drive them in parallel from one source.

So a wall wart with 500mA output is to less for 2 shruthis, right?


The assembly instruction says:
„We recommend a 300mA or 400mA supply if you stick to the parts used in the kit, and a 500mA in the event you have soldered a high-brightness LCD module different from those shipped with the kits“

There are splitter cable available, which are cheaper than soldering your own.

Um? What’s the name for that cable? Thanks for your advices.

Search for „power supply y cable“ or „power supply daisy chain cable“ or add the word „effect pedal“ to your search.
You will find them on amazon or ebay (cheaper).
I got one for €2.50 or something.

Regarding the power supply: the assembly instructions say: 300-400mA for one shruthi. So 500mA is not enough for two! (Edited my last post)

That splitter looks genius!

So as long as the polarity of centre/inner on the adaptor is the same on all pieces of equipment, all I need to work out is that the adaptor is putting out relative to what the equipment is drawing (two pieces of equipment at 500mA needs 1A or three at 500mA needs 1.5A?)

Am I right in saying the equipment will only draw what it needs and so all the pieces of equipment do not have to be equal mA draw, as long as the PSU can handle it?

This could save some space!

The maximum current of all device as a sum is relevant.

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Yes, that‘s all right!

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I’ve been using a wrong wall wart for a tapco blend 6 mixer for years because it was given to me by a vendor (the maximum current was the half of device). The plastic got bubbles. I will never use it again …

So easy calculation for 3 shruthis:
3x 400mA = 1200mA output is fine (for non-high current sucking LCDs), otherwise you are save with 1500mA output.

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