1 Digital Control Board, 2 Filters?

How can I connect one control board to two filters so that I can switch between the filters? Can someone point me in the right direction? Rotary switch of some kind? Is this even a good idea?

Id recommend a bunch (3) of 4053 switches for 2 filters or 6 of the 4051 for up to 8(eight) filters. A physical switch is not quite perfect as it might produce nasty transients on the lines when switching. No good Idea if you have a precious CEM3379 or even a CEM3399 melted with 300W Iron directly into your personal board :wink:

As pichenettes pointed out somwhere else (im to lazy to search…) you could also just parallel all Power Rails and simply connect the Filters with Y-Cables to the DIgital Board although i’d recommend the 405x version.

The best way is to simply assemble a 2nd DigitalBoard. Thats the way i do it . . .

I think this is the thread you are thinking of fcd?

Yes dnigrin. Does it work???

Haven’t gotten around to trying…