1,8V on the yellow point IC7

Hi guys,
I’ve just finish my ambika MB, all my voltage are good, just the yellow point of IC7 is at 1,8V
If you’ve an idee thanks

Check IC2 (MCP1700)?

This produces the 3.3v, it should be 5V at its input.

Are you sure you bought the right part?

I guess so

The MCP1700 regulator is available in a 1.8V version too, that’s why I’m asking. Maybe your supplier has sent you the wrong part then?

I think it’s that, what is the wr

Wrong regulator do you thing

LM1700 is a series of regulators, there’s 2.2, 1.8 and 3.3v versions at least. So quite a simple error to make :slight_smile:

Thanks si much