0.95 firmware update

I took a look at the 0.95 version of firmware and tried to update my shruthi’s unsuccessfully.
Is that because of the new sysex id implementation on new firmware release?
I’m not sure this topic wasn’t already discussed here. In case it was, I’m sorry to opening the new thread.


When did you take a look? I have updated the file the 28th to use the old bootloader format.

When did you get the chip you are trying to udpate (I’d like to know if it runs the old or the new bootloader).

I tried last week and yesterday. I have 2 shruti-1’s, both purchased on jan. 2011. 1 with 0.94, 1 with 0.93 firmware. Tried with 2 different midi interfaces, used C6 as from reference.

Have you downloaded the latest version of the file (updated the 28th)? If you have a MIDI dump tool, what is the manufacturer id in the SysEx messages?

Actually I’m not sure I used the latest version uploaded. I’ll give it a try again tonight and let you know.

btw, is the Поливокс filter pcb still available or just a prototype?

It was supposed to be released this week but got delayed by 2 weeks due to a manufacturing problem with the boards. The new boards will be delivered in 2 weeks.

I tried to upgrade with the latest .95 firmware. no way to do it. i attempted to upgrade to .94portamento hack and it upgrades successfully.

I’ll give it a try. What happens exactly when you try this file

I’ve successfully downgraded a unit (bootloader + firmware) to v0.93 and then updated it using the v0.95 syx file online. Could you please email me the file you have tried to install? Maybe it was on older version cached by your browser or my webserver.

Anybody else tried the upgrade? You’re going to need it for the Polivoks filter board!

Poliwhat? ;-))))

polli wanna crack at makin 1? ;-)))))

it happens nothing. the 4 leds keep lighted, regardless of the upgraded being loaded by C6. no blinking leds while upgrading, black display. when the upgrade on C6 has finished, the shruthi1 keep staying on upgrade mode.
this is the file I downloaded. to be sure it was not a cashed file I saved it in my portable hard drive.

just tried with your linked file. IT WORKS!
it upgrades now.

Good to know that it worked!