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Rings Drone-O-Matic (1)
Chinese winter tune (4)
These Poisoned Lands (2)
MI Marbles #3 (feat Stages Harmonic Oscillator Easter Egg) (7)
Mutable Love (6)
CV controlling Plaits with a theremin (6)
You guys liked the Talking Heads one so here's another (mostly) modular rendition of Erik Satie's Gymnopedie no.1 (10)
Made an Ambient Tribal track with Marbles and Plaits amongst others (3)
Plaits (3)
Sammy ideophone (2)
Unkai (3)
Tides 'Different Frequencies' Drone #2 (sounds a bit "Stars of the Lid-ish") (3)
Abandoned by Zvuku (1)
Machine jazz with real guitar (3)
The Burning Black Breath On The Back Of Your Neck (3)
Haunted Cadillac - Ambika/Shruthi-1 (1)
Vocals + Modular (7)
A remix/cover of Talking Head's 'This Must Be The Place' with almost entirely modular ( 2 ) (21)
Vocal Twin Lascaux Cupola (1)
Alien Heart: Ambika/Shruthi-1 (1)
Marbles Patch #2 (1)
From Particles — An album of piccolo bass manipulated by Clouds (5)
Ambient modular album out now: midcentury modular - drones (3)
Modular synth jam 02 oct (1)
[self promo] live sets on bandcamp (1)
The Torn Palaces (2)
I Remember Every Time You Have Killed Me (9)
Getting to know Marbles (1)